Dec 06, 2020

Outsiders Chapter 7 Activities

Outsiders Chapter 7

Outsiders Chapter 7 von Daniel Roberts vor 1 Jahr 25 Minuten 257.356 Aufrufe The seventh , chapter , of The , Outsiders , , read by Mr. Roberts.

outsiders chapter 9

Summary: Chapter 9 . Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold. . . . (See Important Quotations Explained) Feeling sick before the rumble, Ponyboy swallows five aspirin and struggles to eat his dinner. The boys have bathed and made themselves look “tuff,” and leave for the rumble excitedly. Ponyboy feels a sinking feeling when he sees the other greasers. Tim Shepard’s gang and the others seem like genuine hoods. Twenty-two Socs arrive in four carloads to fight the twenty greasers. Darry steps ...

outsiders chapter questions and answers

Outsiders Characters Chapter 1-3 Question and Answers Chapter 4-6 Questions and Answers Chapter 7-9 Questions and Answers Chapter 10-12 Questions and Answers Chapter Summary's Setting Author 60's Yuri Gagarin Chapter One: 1.Who are the Socs? Who are the Greasers? The Socs and a group of rich kids that are the enemy's of the Greasers. Also they are described as being Social and Mean/rude in the ...

Outsiders Chapter 7 Activities

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Outsiders Chapter 7 Activities