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The Wake - Paul Kingsnorth

The Wake - Paul Kingsnorth

A wake is the region of recirculating flow immediately behind a moving solid body. Wake may also refer to: Culture. Wakes ... The Wake, 2014, by Paul Kingsnorth; Wake (McMann novel), 2008; Wake (Sawyer novel), 2009; Wake, a French comic created by Morvan and Buchet; The Sandman: The Wake, a 1995 graphic novel; The Wake, a 10-issue comic book series by Scott Snyder; Games. Alan Wake, a 2010 ...

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1 Which aristocratic writer fronted the band Decca and the Dectones? 2 What is the longest river on the Iberian peninsula? 3 During the world wars, what was the WLA? 4 What line precedes, “Drink ...

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One of the first in the UK to try this format for a publishing house, it lets authors pitch to their potential readers but relies on book lovers to provide the finances for publication. It already has the best-read-aloud The Wake (Paul Kingsnorth) nominated for the Man Booker Prize 2015, and has published over fifty books. Similar platforms for ...

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Savage Gods by Paul Kingsnorth Kingsnorth's desire to live authentically leads him to a small Irish farm, but when his words fail him, his identity as a writer is called into question. Savage Gods is a lyrical meditation on belonging and culture, creativity and language, and doesn’t shy away from asking big, troublesome questions.

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Amaud Jamaul Johnson explores the loneliness and fear that arise in the wake of inexplicable tragedy where personal losses highlight histories of suffering and the deep uncertainties of our time. You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. —James Baldwin 1 . Our neighbors, Robin and Beth, were murdered. They lived across the ...

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In The Wake, Paul Kingsnorth brings this dire scenario back to us through the eyes of the unforgettable Buccmaster, a proud landowner. Written in ‘a shadow tongue’―a version of Old English understandable to the modern reader―The Wake renders the inner life of an Anglo-Saxon man with an accuracy and immediacy rare in historical fiction.”

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The most incredible book I read this year was Paul Kingsnorth’s Savage Gods (Little Toller, £14), a dramatic self-accounting that explodes “nature writing” to strain at the limits of ...


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The Uninhabitable Earth is not just depressing, David Wallace-Wells’ book is a merciless hammering of the reader, a bludgeoning to wake up to the horrors of climate change. It is both hard and unpleasant to read. Two-thirds through, Wallace unexpectedly pauses to say “If you have made it this far, you are a brave reader.”

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The Wake - Paul Kingsnorth

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The Wake - Paul Kingsnorth