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to read into the future: in die Zukunft sehen: to read sth. into sth. etw. in etw. Akk. hineindeuten: to read sth. into sth. etw. in etw. Akk. hineininterpretieren: to read sth. into sth. etw. in etw. Akk. hineinlesen: Teilweise Übereinstimmung: read {adj} {past-p} gelesen: Read! Lies! tech. to read: abfühlen [scannen] tech. to read: abtasten: comp. to read: auslesen: comp. to read: eingeben: comp. to read: einlesen


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PBKDF2(passphrase, salt, iterations=16384).read(KEYSIZE) 12 return salt, passkey Keep in mind that the salt, while a public and non-secret value, must be present to recover the key. To generate a new key, pass None as the salt value, and a random salt will be generated.

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Read Regular aims at preventing a neglect of dyslexia, creating a more confident feeling regarding the problems that occur with dyslexia. Read Regular™ is a trademark in combination with a European Community Design Registration for Read Regular; Read smallcaps; Read Space. No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in any form, electronically, mechanically, by photocopying, recording or ...

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Als Readme oder Liesmich (engl. read me = lies mich) wird eine Datei bezeichnet, die üblicherweise mit Software mitgeliefert wird und diverse, oft wichtige Informationen über die Software enthält. Meist sind dies Details, die nicht mehr rechtzeitig bekannt wurden, um in das Handbuch aufgenommen zu werden, oder Korrekturen zu falschen Informationen im mitgelieferten Handbuch. Oft wird aber auch der

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The process of being read into a compartmented program generally entails being approved for access to particularly sensitive and restricted information about a classified program, receiving a briefing about the program, and formally acknowledging the briefing, usually by signing a non-disclosure agreement describing restrictions on the handling and use of information concerning the program.

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What’s more, your intros are some of the most high-visibility pieces of your content. While most people will at least glance at your intro, not everyone will take the time to read your entire body copy, which means that the intro is the perfect and one of the few places to grab those readers you so desperately want.

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read into v. To attribute some interpretation or meaning to something, especially an unintended meaning: He's reading things into the text that the author never intended.

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The Intros by The Read published on 2014-03-20T16:49:18Z. Contains tracks. Ima Read (Dj Sliink Remix) by ZEBRA KATZ published on 2012-08-01T23:17:41Z. 4 WERKS | B. Ames by B. Ames published on 2014-01-09T17:21:59Z. Bass In Your Duckwalk by DJ Kinky Twists published on 2014-03-24T21:59:56Z. Saint - Tamagotchi Remix (Feat. Dai Burger) by THUMP published on 2014-03-31T22:36:19Z. Albums from this ...

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Reads the next character from the input stream and advances the character position by one character. Read(Span<Char>) Liest die Zeichen aus dem aktuellen Datenstrom in eine Spanne. Reads the characters from the current stream into a span. Read(Char[], Int32, Int32) Liest vom aktuellen Stream ein angegebenes Maximum von Zeichen in einen Puffer ein und beginnt dabei am angegebenen Index. Reads a ...

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Eintauchen, abtauchen und am liebsten nie wieder auftauchen: Alles, was du in unserem Archiv über Read/Write-Web finden kannst. ... INTRO — Das Magazin für Pop, Kultur, Life und Style. Menü anzeigen. INTRO – Über 27 Jahre dein Magazin für Popkultur und Kontrollverlust. Der aktive Betrieb ist eingestellt. Hier findest du weiterhin das gesamte digitale Archiv 1992-2018. Alles zu Read ...

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New Intro! I got copyrighted because of my intro so I changed it :) No copyrighted Intended! Intro Music: Sign -Curls 💞

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Intro Lyrics: Quarto Blocco nella casa / Blocco Note / 2 0 1 5 / Quarto Blocco Players / Tutta la CHC famiglia / R E A D / Sedato Blend / CHC Fam / Blocco Note, Blocco Note / Quarto Blocco

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read_csv() and read_csv2() for csv files; read_tsv() for tabs separated files; read_fwf() for fixed-width files; read_log() for web log files; Each of these functions firsts calls spec_xxx() (as described above), and then parses the file according to that column specification:

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Read it! Read it! ist ein zeitloser Bibelleseplan, der dich beim Lesen des neuen Testamentes begleitet. Jeden Tag helfen dir drei Fragen, den Text zu verstehen, ihn zu übertragen und für dich persönlich anzuwenden. Außerdem gibt es Platz, deine Gedanken und Einsichten aufzuschreiben. Entdecke mit Read it! neue Schätze in der Bibel!

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JSON Intro JSON Syntax JSON vs XML JSON Data Types JSON Parse JSON Stringify JSON Objects JSON Arrays JSON PHP JSON HTML JSON JSONP JS vs jQuery jQuery Selectors jQuery HTML jQuery CSS jQuery DOM JS Examples JS Examples JS HTML DOM JS HTML Input JS HTML Objects JS HTML Events JS Browser JS Editor JS Exercises JS Quiz JS Certificate JS References JavaScript Objects HTML DOM Objects. JSON ...

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Read intro from the story tentacles x reader by Deviant-nico (Deviant) with 18,366 reads. xreader, yaoi, anime. This is a bunch of one shots about tentacles So...

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to read ahead: Letzter Beitrag: 01 Jun. 10, 09:58: The book was so good that I had to read ahead. Read ahead means skipping a few or more page… 2 Antworten: to read backwards: Letzter Beitrag: 04 Sep. 14, 16:11 "She thinks if she reads backwards far enoough, all the things she's drawn to might connect.… 18 Antworten: prefers to read vs ...

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Intro Songtext von Gerry Read mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf

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Intro to File Input/Output in C. Redirection: One way to get input into a program or to display output from a program is to use standard input and standard output, respectively. All that means is that to read in data, we use scanf() (or a few other functions) and to write out data, we use printf(). When we need to take input from a file (instead of having the user type data at the keyboard) we ...

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read into - WordReference English-Romanian Dictionary. Traduceri principale: Engleză: Română: read [sth] into [sth] vtr + prep (infer [sth] from [sth]): a deduce vb.tranz. verb tranzitiv: Verb a cărui acțiune se răsfrânge direct asupra unui obiect, construindu-se cu ajutorul complementului direct: a deschide geamul (geamul fiind complementul direct). Pentru a verifica dacă un verb este ...

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read into - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de read into, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit.

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